Filming The King of 95

A few months ago, my dad called me up to tell me that he had just finished a new song. It was about snowbirds, he said--people who head down to Florida for the winter as soon as it starts to get cold.

florida sunset

Now, the subject matter didn't shock me. His hands crack, his back does not appreciate excess shoveling, and as soon as it drops below 40, my dad's catchphrase becomes "IhatethisweatherIhatethisweatherIhatethisweather." But my dad's always been a classic rocker; for as long as I can remember, his band's been spitting out dead-on covers of Zeppelin, The Beatles, Queen, and the Who. Consequently, when I finally heard the song, and heard how country it was, I was genuinely surprised.

Still, I liked it, and so did a whole bunch of other people he'd played it for at his gigs. Everyone was telling him he needed to get it out there. But in this day and age of All Hail The Gods of Youtube, you can't really have a song without a video, and since his best idea was making one of stock-image stills (to which I sarcastically replied, "Sure, we can decorate it with WordArt and use our Neopets account to market it,") we decided to head down to Florida in an attempt to shoot our very own music video.

Frankly, we had a blast. It took us two days of driving (having stopped halfway in North Carolina to visit a friend of mine) and pretty much all we did was laugh and film and eat and fruitlessly scan through the radio for decent music and laugh more. We hit up an obscene number of waffle houses and stayed in my aunt's gorgeous apartment, and after a couple weeks of planning, four days of driving, three days of Florida backdrops, and a week of editing, we had ourselves a video.

His song's called "King of 95," and you can see the video below, or visit his website at

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