WHO AM I?   

My name's Maria.


I was raised by a professional musician who taught me, "Find the one thing that makes you lose track of time, and then find a way to make a living doing it." I found my passion in writing, among a few other things (see below) and thus, this blog was born: my own little attempt at combining all of it into a hodge podge of art, travel, learning, and inspiration. 


A few things that thrill me (and that you'll consequently be hearing a lot about if you stick around): nerd things, books, reading, the English language in general, real food, farms, DIY projects, knitting, classic rock music, ska music, acoustic music, 90s music, 90s video games, 90s punks, 90s anything, coffee, coffee houses, but also tea, people with intriguing lifestyles, home-renovation projects, meditation, superhero movies, fire pits, all things quoted unless said quotee misuses the word 'literally,' sarcasm, the occasionally-well-placed profanity, hacky sack, hyphens, and, of course, road trips. 

For more information and a portfolio of pieces I've written for other publications, you can click here

Maria Cassano